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Indiscriminating Migraines.

I have had what some people would consider as life-altering experiences, and though i am admittedly susceptible to feelings of boredom, and give in 'occasionally' to instances of purposelessness, and to the 'unavoidable' sporadic moments of wastefulness, I've always thought of myself as a person who loves her food too much to throw it up, give it away or lose it a moment before i've managed to derive the most enjoyment which I possibly can from it. It was in fact this tendency towards obesity which has been my saving grace in the face of a potential strain of anorexia nervosa and other similar eating disorders that plague the more physical appearance conscious of the female gender.

Not me though, i've loved food too much for too long to give it up just like that.

Apparently, migraines do not make distinctions between those who are bulimic and those who merely have a healthy appetite when the fare's right. A migraine saw me as a likely candidate last night for a mind blowing embrace, and the pain spread with such subtlety from the bridge of my nose to the back of my head that I hardly had time to register the excruciating sensation before I found myself bent over from the waist as a token final resistance to performing a kowtow in front of the porcelain god depositing what was but a few hours ago a scrumptious dinner of chicken liver, hot vegetable broth, a fifty peso worth seafood potpie, and the remains of a hardly digested dinner which must have taken ten times longer to prepare than for me to have hurled it all up like a recalcitrant postulant to the temple of the porcelain god and its muse, the ingenious bidet.

Obviously, the incident still has me stewing, and though I think I fought valiantly to keep from losing my food, I still ended up with an empty stomach, though I must have barfed out the migraine as well. Considering the violence of the spasms which shook my body, i'm surprised my intestines didn't end up getting flushed down the toilet, that and other bodily organs necessary for my normal functions.

Judging from this blog though, whether my brain was left intact remains questionable.

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