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The Arbitrer.

These days it's starting to occur to me more and more that my Anal Retentiveness applies not merely to my psyche. For the sake of discretion and to maintain a measure of decency though, and to avoid eliciting adverse reactions from those whose stomachs are less than iron clad, it would probably be best not to go into further detail about my early morning quirks.

Just a hint about the matter though, Freud isn't purely to blame.


After all these years of being possessed by a passionate desire to become a lawyer, I finally realized that given the state of justice in this country, where those in the highest court in the land can't even decide in favor of who is right even if one could see, even with their eyes closed, in fact even if they were blind, provided that they employed even just the slightest amount of common sense, and had in their possession, the smallest bit of integrity, whose cause is morally correct, even without any documents or any evidence, all they would need is their gut instinct to know what is the right thing to do, that I don't have what it takes to become one.

I don't have the stomach to digest what passes as justice in this country. Besides, only chickens have gizzards, and though I may harbor many faults, cowardice isn't among them.

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